At the end of the 1990s, Milfra started to operate in the pharmaceutical market offering millimetric solutions for applicators and drug dispensers. Nowadays, it is a global reference for quality and precision.

Headquartered in the city of Jaguariúna – State of São Paulo (SP), Milfra is engaged in a continuous upgrading and modernization process and can call on state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified, creative professionals to enable the development of its products and proprietary technologies, developed over the years to always meet the demands of the global market.

Since 2013, the company has introduced administrative management and governance improvement processes focused on compliance with domestic and international standards, certifications and practices, and well as fostering an ongoing sustainability/continuity project operating at different levels aimed at greater economic, social, cultural and environmental equilibrium.

Significant growth is forecast for the next few years, with the expectation of expanding the product portfolio, acquiring new, modern equipment, recruitment of new talent, and the continuous improvement of our team of collaborators.

Milfra continues to march firmly towards its goal/mission, as laid down in its strategic plan, maintaining its reference position in the market as a company that specializes in offering and supplying the global market with Millimetric Solutions.



To produce and sell plastic containers with safety and excellence, guaranteeing the sustainability of our businesses and the satisfaction of our customers.



To be the best reference in plastic containers in the market, due to the quality and innovation of its products.



Employee training and improvement


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Founded in 1966, in the city of Santo André, Milfra was leader in the supply of injected components for large industries in the electrical & electronics market, for many years. At the end of the 1990s, in response to a new market demand, the company migrated to the pharmaceuticals market. A new plant was built in Jaguariúna, focused on plastic injection production and processes, and including the development of proprietary technology and tools.

Shortly after, the company became the leader in the vaginal applicator segment. Its competitive differential for achieving the high level of product quality, has been the continuous improvement of its proprietary technology, with a high level of automation, to develop and modernize its machinery, equipment, inspection techniques and production.

In 2007, the product portfolio was expanded to include a range of oral dispensers, and in line with its vocation for automation and improvement, Milfra became market leader, developing exclusive, customized products to meet its customers’ specific needs.

In 2008, it entered the animal health market as exclusive supplier to one of the global giants in the industry. A highly complex product was developed, which requires not only controlled injection processes, but also extra quality and documentation guarantees, to meet quality demands and international certifications.

In 2018, Milfra embarked on its succession process, with the entry of the second generation of executives into the company’s management and governance. As active participants, this new generation has provided the company, its executives and collaborators with opportunities for new administration, marketing, sustainable competitiveness, engineering, talent management, process and systems techniques, amongst others.